Short story 'Marble' ['Mármol'] by Sara Mesa in The White Review, October 2021. From the collection Mala letra (Anagrama, 2016)

Extract from the novel San, el libro de los milagros by Manuel Astur, shortlisted for the Peirene–Stevns Prize for Translation 2021



four poems by Verónica Viola Fisher, in Temporary Archives: Poems by Women of Latin America, ed. Juana Adcock & Jessica Pujol Durran (Arc/Edge Hill, 2022)

Ciclos, translations of poems by Ana Gorría with photographs by Mei Sa Guo (Debacle ediciones, 2020)

'El tránsito del alfabeto' ['The Transit of the Alphabet'] by Gladys Mendía, for Ledbury Festival and Modern Poetry in Translation, July 2020